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What Can Bring Together Russia and the West?

“Ekspertiza Vlasti”, № 30

By Alla Heinonen

-  What problem should unite the East and the West forces to prevent an impending catastrophe?

The magazine “Ekspertiza Vlasti” asked this question  Ivan Babin (director of the Center of Science and Social Innovations). He is an expert who can analyze the situation both as a graduate of the Military-Political Academy and as a political scientist, as well as a person who has experience with foreign experts and analysts.

- There is one common problem for both Russia and the West. This problem is sprawling worldwide Islamic radicalism. Young people from all over the world, including Russia and Europe, go to fight under a banner of so-called Islamic State. Our common goal must be to minimize its appearance. We must confront together its ideology, terrorist acts, the civilizational threats and as a consequence,  the destruction of crops, human rights abuses and return to the Middle Ages. The Islamic State with its radical views is  a real world threat, but not Russia that is drawn by some representatives of the West as  a militarist and a monster.



- But how to find common ground when here,in Ukraine, people  destroy  historical monuments and monuments to our liberators?

- Some months ago I was  in Vienna. You know, I was moved to tears with the citizens’ relation to the history, including our joint history of the Second World War. There is a huge memorial to Soviet soldiers - liberators of Vienna from the Nazis. This is a powerful majestic building with cascading fountains, monumental commemorative plates andfresh flowers. It’s a true approach of cultural civilized nations to our History.  I am sure that one day our neighbours will also remember the History and will stop trampling it. Our common history isanother unifying agenda. And we must speak loudly and regularly about it.




- Nowadays, due tothe Crimea annexation, the West talks much less about the South Ossetia.  What does the West want in this situation from Russia today?

- Of course, they wait for a withdrawal of our troops from these territories. It’s even claimed in some political circles that in this case they recognize these republics as a state ...

The West already promised not to expand NATO to the East in exchange for the reunification of Germany in 1990. And where are NATO troops today? In most countries of the former USSR, on the doorstep of Russia. So, NATO continues to implement the strategy of US Admiral Alfred Mahan "Anaconda Ring", developed at the beginning of the last century.


- What shall the West and the Russian Federation do to develop the cooperation in the interests of international security?

 - Today, there is a need to create a new architecture of international security because the old structures have failed. The cooperation at this level will allow to confront the challenges that threaten the modern world.