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Tomorrow for Russia and Georgia. Are we enemies or not?

On July 22, 2014 in Tbilisi took place The Georgian-Russian forum under the project "Development of centers of public diplomacy as a basis for cross-border dialogue and the consolidation of peace in the Caucasus" supported by the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation  with the participation of magazine “Ekspertiza Vlasti” and the Center of Science and Social Innovation. During the forum was held a poll with quite interesting results. In view of facts that the survey is mainly attended by representatives of the Georgian public (some of the questions answered only Georgians), you can make some of their own conclusions about the mood in the Georgian society.



According to the poll, only 3 % of respondents found Russian-Georgian relations good, at the same time 60 % found the relations bad. The remaining respondents did not find a clear answer to the question.

42 % of respondents said that the relations between Russia and Georgia will stay at the same level.   24 % of pollees believe in reestablishment of diplomatic relations.  6% of respondents are sure that the relations will be gone down.

40% of the survey participants positively estimated Multilateral dialogue format of the Geneva talks and bilateral dialogue between Russia  and Georgia (Karasin - Abashidze). 15% of respondents found these measures negative or non-effective. The others found it difficult to answer the question.

None of the respondents estimated Russian  policy towards Georgia as positive,  18% estimated it as negative. There were different opinions on the opposite issue – Georgian policy towards Russia (positive 30%, negative 18%, the others could not answer this question).

63% of respondents considered  the controversial territorial issues as the main reason that prevents the normalization of relations between the two states. 33%  mentioned   a  mutual distrust as  the main problem. 24% - lack of connation to dialogue.  15% -  lack of progress in negotiations and initiatives.

Only  5% of respondents   were sure that Russia and its citizens are enemies for Georgia. 60 % were doubtful of this issue. 35% of respondents said that neither Russia nor its citizens have never been considered as enemies in Georgia.

The question about  the United States’ role  in relations between the two countries was: "If there wasn’t the third sight on behalf of the US,  what would be the relationship between Georgia and Russia?".42 % convinced the fact that the relationship would still have deteriorated.  18% believe the opposite - the relationship would improve. 15% of respondents said that the relationship would persist smooth.