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All-Russia Informational and analytical Magazine «Expertise of Authority» № 14 (March, 2010г.)

They say that counseling is easy and implementation is hard. Still the counseling definitely might be of a great help to Alexander Khloponin at his early start. We took courage and searched for good pieces of advice for our Plenipotentiary in the North Caucasus from different sources and from different people who can articulate interesting things. All our counselors are very competent people but not all of them say what is pleasing. Still a clever person is always able to evaluate information. So here we go…


In the environment of the North Caucasus a minor conflict, distorted information, national intolerance or lack of possibility to be heard and understood can grow into a great deal of fire. What could be the options to avoid that? Ivan Babin, the Head of NGO “Center for Science and Social Innovations”, is sharing is thoughts with us.


– In the environment of clan separation and growing bureaucratism in the North Caucasus the need arises to create a new system of independent sources of information and ethinc-political monitoring within newly created Federal Okrug.

Such system eventually should include different sources of information. Human rights organizations should be listed first among these sources as it was noted by Mr. Putin. And I mean those organizations that are in opposition to the public authorities rather than those that operate on their expense. And we have plenty of the required. The suggestion is to have a few channels rather than the only official one. Here in the Caucasus they are very artistic in information supply field. 

Number two. In each subject of the region there are dialogue/discussion spots created, though some of them are not active. Those discussion spots host (or at least should host) ethnic councils compiled of the representatives of different diasporas, bright civil society speakers, delegates from human rights organizations and elders. The meetings of such councils should attract attention of the officials from the Plenipotentiary Office, who have a good opportunity to obtain the first hand information there.

By the way, it is advised that such discussion spots should be arranged at all levels of the public administration including both regional and municipal. They must provide forum for the dialogue between public administration and civil society that is underscored here in the North Caucasus. If we are looking forward to eliminate extremism, national intolerance and religious enmity then there is a need to seek for compromise and mutual agreements at such discussion spots. The named above negative factors exist simply because many of public officials ignore civil society for some reasons, still those of them who are willing to get in contact do not know how. The conclusion is that education and organization of trainings for the municipal officials on prophylactics of ethnic and other latent conflicts is becoming very important. In this area we need to call for support from different experience reach resources and structures. In March 2010 in the newly created Federal Okrug we commenced a project “Through support of dialogue structures to peace in the North Caucasus”. This project is implemented in partnership with IFA Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Institute for Cultural Relations, Germany), to be specific, by its zivik programme that works in the field of civil conflict prevention. The project is focused at finding solutions to tackle the problems of our region. Pursuance of similar project initiatives on development of intercultural dialogue, prompting supporting structures and forums will serve conflict transformation and provide healthy environment for peace building at local community level.   

Special attention should be paid to the legal departments. Militia personnel are usually the first who arrive to the places where conflict situations spring up. And militia staff should not only be equipped with truncheons or electric shockers but rather with the abilities to identify leaders and commence negotiation processes. The ground first must be given to legacy and not to the power forces.

We should not place our hopes in the fact that creation of the new Federal Okrug and appointment of new leaders will bring stabilization. The latter is a very complex process. Modernization of the political system implies renovation and self-organization of social and political movements of the North Caucasus and formation of mature civil society. Based on that we would suggest creation of some advisory council, similar to Assembly of North Caucasus nationalities (that can apply the structure of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation) with the Plenipotentiary’s Office in the North Caucasus. Such Assembly can make an important input into development of the regional programmes on conflict prevention, tolerance and wahhabism prevention, other programmes helping to deal with extremism, separatism and radical Islamism.   

If such assembly is created with the Plenipotentiary’s Office in the North Caucasus, its resolutions will be definitely taken into account by the leaders of the North Caucasus federal Okrug.

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