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ProjectTitle: «Counteraction to Radical Islam is the Basis of Peace in the Caucasus”


ProjectTitle: «Counteraction to Radical Islam is the Basis of Peace in the Caucasus”

Project Duration: March – December, 2016

Supported by IFA( InstitutfürAuslandsbeziehungen)

funded by German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs



·         To developdialogue forums countering radical Islam in the Caucasus

·          To ensure a climate of trust between ethnic groups and religions in the region

·         To strengthen the role of civil society in these processes.


Project tasks:

·         todevelop and implement educational programs countering radical Islam for civil servants and youth leaders oflocal diasporas (project target groups)

·         to create a training system for civil servants and youth leaders of diasporas (project target groups) countering radical Islam (Wahhabism, Salafism, Islamic fundamentalism and others)

·         to createdialogue platforms  on the basis of peacebuildinginstitutions of civil society.

Expected outcomes

As a result of project activities, there will be developed the new and effectively usedthe existing structures and dialogue forms between the authorities and civil society. It will ensure the effectiveness of the authorities and the youth leaders of diasporas countering radical Islam.The activities  willalso enhance the ability of the various social sections  of the North Caucasus to counter radical Islam as well as threats, risks and challenges of the Islamic state and other Islamic terrorist organizations existing in the Caucasus.